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Festivals, Tours, Info - You can find Mike online at Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace. You can also catch Mike Duffy at the following locations:

Andy's Pub: 94 Commercial Street; Portland, Maine /
Sunday, August 31st / 5:30pm - 8:30pm / free   

Fellow musicians with whom Mike has shared the stage (alphabetically by last name or band name):

Daemian Allen
Kevin Attra
Steven Bacon
Pam Baker
Band Beyond Description
Lincoln Bedrosian
J Biddy (Jason Basiner)
Joe Bloom (Smokin' Joe)
Bernie Bouthot
   (The Waiters)
Marijane Brink
Peter Buckley
David Bullard
Neil Carroll
Heather Caston
Anna Cheek
Bill Chinook
Harris Cooley
Richard Corson
   (Band Beyond Description)
Boo Cowie
Corey Dale
Phil Daligan
Tom Dean
Sean Demers
Tim Dickerson
Dave Dodge
Keith Dover
Chris Dow
   (Band Beyond Description)
Doc Drinkwater
John Dudley
Jim Duffy
Lindsey Durnbaugh
William Dufris
   (aka Bill Duffy)
Steve Ellis
   (Motor Booty Affair)
Dave Engel
Kyle Esposito
Amanda Estes
Three Feet Up
Leah Finklestein
Todd Fiske
   (Band Beyond Description)
Ted Gaskell
Emily Gerry
Gabrielle Greeley
Kenny Grimsley
Gwynne Gwynne
Don Hale
Bob Hamilton
Keith Hamilton
Chris & Victoria Hardy
   (3 feet up)
John Wesley Hartley
Frank Hopkins
Lauryn Hottinger
Daniel Jacobs
Karyn Jenkins
Haakon Kallweit
   (Shanna and the Hawk)
Heather Keast
Evan King
   (The Waiters)
Tom Konow
Dan Knudsen
Randy Leclair
Jeremy Lester
Jarod Libby
   (Incidence at Midnight)
Barney Martin
Laura Mass
Tamara Torres McGovern
   (Touching Ground)
Bob McKillop
Lou McNally
Jeff Merrow
Scott Michaels
Joe Montamuro
Danielle Muccino
Charles Muldoon
   (Acoustic Blowout)
Annie O'Neill
Jason Ouellette
   (Band Beyond Description)
Greg Owen
Dave Peabody
Oscar Del Sebastien
Mike St Germain (Iron Mike)
Charlie Stokes
Eric Swanson
Terry Swett
Rob Sylvain
Anna Maria Tocci
Dan Tonini
   (Desperate Avikodoz)
Vanessa Torres
   (Touching Ground)
Glenn Torrico
Matt Tenney
Elizabeth Trice
Shanna Underwood
   (Shanna and the Hawk)
Mike Valle
Alison Violette
John Webster
Phil Wells
Jeff Witham (Hollerin' Man)
Peter Woodman
Pete Wool
Jeff Wright
Jenny Ruth Yasi
Matt Young
Dimitri Ziggerman

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