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A Tribute to TOM

Tom Duffy - passed away November 3, 1998
I wrote this for Tom while sitting in the pew at the church. I knew I wanted
to say something for Tom, but my mind hadn't been clear enough to formulate
anything comprehensible. I kept thinking of bits & pieces and I just decided
to write them all down. I used a napkin for the rough draft. I was
basically still composing while I was delivering these thoughts to everyone
in the church. I've typed what I believe is the final result. I left the
original words from the napkin in all CAPS . . .
When I first heard the news about Tom's death,
I thought it was a BAD BAD JOKE
I wondered how could our YOUNGEST go FIRST.
Eventually I began to accept the REALITY.

A lot of FOUR-LETTER WORDS came to mind and one of them was the L-WORD, LOVE.

Tom loved his FAMILY and FRIENDS and he was loved by his family and friends.

He had a BIG HEART. He would always TAKE TIME to help others.

He often helped me TAKE MY CAR APART...and then he'd SCRATCH HIS HEAD...
We'd eventually get it back together with maybe a few bolts leftover.

Tom was GENUINE.

Tom was SINCERE.

He always showed his TRUE EMOTIONS.
You knew when he was mad.
And, you knew when he was happy.

Tom was a GREAT UNCLE.
Tom was a great NEPHEW.
Tom was a great COUSIN.
Tom was a great SON.
and (to me) Tom was a great BROTHER and a great FRIEND.

I just want to say THANK YOU, Tom.

Thanks for LISTENING to all my UNWANTED (unsolicited) ADVICE
Thanks for all the GAMES of CHESS and CRIBBAGE, and tennis and basketball.
Thanks for not holding a GRUDGE for too long.
(At least not for too many months)
MOST OF ALL, thanks for being a great BROTHER & FRIEND.


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